A Grateful Heart through Autumn

Anyone who follows my blog probably knows how rarely and sporadically I actually post to it... Alas, similarly, anyone who tries to follow my photos is probably familiar with the same scattered process (and yes, I see all the ghost emoji comments you guys leave me on Instagram throughout the year!). In truth, it's not uncommon for me to go several weeks or even months at a time where I find myself lacking motivation for my personal work, with 2017 being one of my longest creative ruts yet, but I won't go into detail here (though I did write an article recently about my thoughts and experiences on finding opportunity in creative ruts, feel free to read if you need some extra inspiration!). In hindsight, I learned throughout this year that living through such creative ruts gave me opportunity to step back and put time and thought into other areas of my life that needed attending to, which I am grateful for.

Since September and the start of Autumn, fresh motivation has started trickling back into my veins, along with an ever-growing awareness and gratitude for all the meaningful details in my life, small and large: The rain washing out smoky skies, the sunbeams I've witnessed shining and moving through the woods. The freedom to live in a place surrounded by forests and mountains, a healthy body that allows me to dance, run and travel by foot. A most loyal companion in the form of a fur-monster, the travel opportunities I've been given, happy tears shed seeing friends married overseas. Connections I've made through art and the outdoors, friends I'm lucky to call family, and family I'm lucky to call friends.  

There is so much I've been fortunate to experience this year...  As I let my emotions flow and overflow, my increasing desire for this new season is to channel them (particularly these moments of gratitude) through photography.  So, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet (did I just hear the sighs of relief from my friends who couldn't make it through my previous blogs?), and let photos speak for themselves. Here are a few glimpses of the moments that brought much joy to my soul over the last 3 months... I hope you are able to find some form of enjoyment in them, also. Oh, and I apologize in advance for the number of dog photos....... Actually, no, I don't at all. 

Thanks for reading and viewing, I appreciate it! I plan to make journaling/blogging (and photo-taking) a much more regular occurrence from here on out... So keep an eye out for future stories and new work. :)